Absorption kinetics on proteins of bioenergetics

Principal Investigator: László Zimányi

Photocycles of retinal proteins

Electron transfer proteins

Bacterial retinal proteins function as either signal transducers (e.g. sensory rhodopsin) or ion pumps (e.g. bacteriorhodopsin and halorhodopsin). These 7 transmembrane a-helical proteins bind a retinal chromophore covalently. In the ion pumps light energy absorbed by the retinal is converted into transmembrane electrochemical gradient by a sequence of events comprising of retinal isomerization, proton (in the case of bacteriorhodopsin) transfer between various sites within the protein and between the protein and the aqueous medium, and gradually spreading protein conformational change. The molecular steps of this cyclic reaction sequence are followed by time resolved kinetic absorption spectroscopy.

Chemometric methods, such as singular value decomposition with exponential fit assisted self-modeling (SVD-EFASM), are applied to obtain the most likely spectra of the photocycle intermediates and their kinetics. Various reaction schemes are fitted to the kinetic data.

Our improved methods have led to the discovery of consecutive, spectrally different L intermediates in the wild type bacteriorhodopsin photocycle.


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